"Merry Christmas After All" is a song from Olive, the Other Reindeer. It's sung by Olive, Santa and the reindeer as they deliver presents.

The singing voices of Santa and the reindeer were dubbed by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.


Olive: I don't have antlers, I don't have hooves.
How flying works? I have no clue.
But now I've got the reindeer moves.
I'm a true blue member of the crew!

Santa/Reindeer: It took Olive to remind us,
You can't give up on Christmas Eve.
Now the trouble's all behind us,
Cause Olive taught us how to believe!

So Merry Christmas after all,
To everybody big and small.
Olive: I pulled the sleigh and had a ball.
Santa/Reindeer: So Merry Christmas...
After all!


Olive: If you've got the Christmas spirit,
Let nothing you dismay.
You don't need springs, or wings or strings,
To fly on Christmas Day.

Santa/Reindeer: So let Olive's tale remind you
On this Christmas Eve,
It's all right there inside you.
You just have to believe!

So Merry Christmas after all,
To everybody big and small.
Santa/Reindeer/Receivers: Dare if I choose a fireball.
So, Merry Christmas after all!

Merry Christmas after all,
To all the creatures great and small.
Pull your sleigh and have a ball.

So Merry Christmas...
Merry Christmas...
All: After all!

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