Montana Max is a recurring villain from the Warner Bros. animated series Tiny Toon Adventures and, as such, is the principal adversary of It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special. He is a spoiled rich kid whose personality is much like that of his Looney Tunes counterpart, Yosemite Sam.

Like Henry F. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life, Max spends the series' Christmas episode sitting in a wheelchair due to having had an accident while skiing with Morgan Fairchild. When Max finds out that he has been cut from the Tiny Toons holiday special because Buster Bunny did not think he would show up, he decides to ruin the rehearsals. He causes Li'l Sneezer to sneeze during his Christmas Carol sketch, convinces Babs Bunny that Buster is sweet-talking to her ice skating partner Cher, rigs the stage so that Cher falls into a tub of Acme piranhas, and then replaces Plucky Duck and William Shatner's microphones with dynamite. After everyone takes out their frustration on Buster, Max bribes the FOX network executives into putting him in charge of directing the special.

When Buster is shown an alternate reality in which he was never on Tiny Toon Adventures, he finds that Montana Max would have taken over Acme Acres and renamed it Montyville, and that Acme Looniversity would be a 24-hour business school named "Montana Max's Business Looniversity".

It is later revealed that nobody is happy with the changes Montana Max has made to the Tiny Toons holiday special, which include Plucky reading a ridiculous poem about banking, and a sketch casting Elmyra as Leona Helmsley. Upon Buster's return, Max is fired from his position as the special's director, which is given back to Buster. Buster then promises Max that he's given him a new part in the special as "the star"; as it turns out, though, Max has to be the star on top of the Christmas tree (with Elmyra trying to kiss him under the mistletoe again, to his dismay).

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