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Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree is a 1995 half-hour television special starring Robert Downey Jr., Leslie Nielsen, Stockard Channing and a family of Muppet Mice, with narration by Kermit the Frog. Based on Robert Barry's 1963 book of the same name, the special won a Casting Society of America award for "Best Casting for TV Nighttime Special"[1]


The special begins with the song “The Perfect Tree,” which features both Mr. Willowby singing about his desire to find the perfect Christmas tree and, within Willowby’s house, a father mouse singing that he will go out to get a tree for his family (his two children, a boy and a girl, decide to come with him). After the song is finished, Willowby asks his butler, Baxter where his tree is.

The special then follows the family of mice out in the woods looking for a tree. Eventually, the father mouse spots “the perfect tree,” but it is far too large to fit into their tiny living quarters, so the family climbs the tree so that he can chop off the very top. Right when they reach the top, however, Willowby’s lumberjacks arrive at the scene and cut the entire tree down (as they sing the song “We’re Lumberjacks”). The family of mice hold on to the tree as it is brought to Willowby’s house.

The tree is set up in the house, and Willowby notices it is slightly too tall. He has Baxter cut off the very top, and then tells him to bring up the top part of the tree (which the mouse family is in) to one of his tenants, Miss Adelaide (Channing), whom Willowby describes as being a very lonely person who doesn’t even come down for Christmas.

Baxter does so, and while he is meeting with Adelaide, she describes her family’s traditions at Christmas time. While they are talking, a romantic interest between the two of them is insinuated at. At one point, Baxter notices the father mouse on the floor, but Adelaide says it is Christmastime and thus would be wrong to kill the mouse at this time. She places the mouse up on a banister, and he returns to the top of the tree with his children.

After Baxter leaves, Adelaide notices that the tree in her room is slightly too tall, so she cuts off the top and throws it out the window (with the mouse family in it). Before the father mouse can cut off the top, a bear picks up the tree and brings it home to his den and family to use as his own Christmas tree.

The bears engage in their Christmas festivities, and eventually notice that the tree is too tall. They cut off the top (which once again has the mice in it) and throw it outside. The family of mice laugh at all they’ve been through that evening, only to then be picked up (along with the remnants of the tree) by an owl.

The owls set up the tree in their own den, and then engage in an angelic chorus (the mouse family speculates that they never knew owls could be so musical). Eventually, they too notice that the tree they have is too tall, and so they cut off the top and throw it (along with the mice) outside.

The father mouse then raises his axe to cut off a tree from the remnants that have been thrown outside, but then realizes that the tree as it is actually the perfect size for his own home. He and the other mice return home with the tree. At the same time, Willowby’s Christmas Ball is taking place. Adelaide comes down this time, and begins to dance with Baxter.


Actor / Muppeteer Character
Robert Downey, Jr. Mr. Willowby
Leslie Nielsen Baxter
Stockard Channing Miss Adelaide
Bill Barretta
Julianne Buescher Beverly Mouse
Kevin Clash Father Mouse
Bruce Lanoil
David Rudman Ned Mouse
Steve Whitmire Kermit the Frog


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