Nine Dog Christmas is an animated direct-to-video Christmas movie, released on October 5, 2004.


Nine stray dogs (Snowplow, Tank, Q.T,, Frenchie, Cheech, Chester, Fetch, MacGregor and No-Name) are recruited as reindeers to help Santa bring Christmas to the world.


  • Snowplow: An Old English Sheepdog who speaks with a decidedly British/Australian accent and doe not like the idea of living in a home with children.
  • Tank: A cute, wide-eyed Basset Hound who would do anything to have a place to call home. He and Snowplow meet up and unwittingly join the rest of the pack. He falls in love with Q.T..
  • Q.T.: A pretty Cocker Spaniel who once had a home until Her previous owners moved away. She‘s the only girl in the gang. She falls in love with Tank.
  • Frenchie: A Bull Terrier who was a minor antagonist until LeRond decided to sell Him along with the other dogs. He is multifaced and speaks with a French accent.
  • Cheech: A tiny Chihuahua who is full of passion. He speaks with a Mexican accent.
  • Chester: A Boxer who goes into a fighting stance when He hears a ringing of a bell.
  • Fetch: A hyper Beagle/Foxhound mix.
  • MacGregor: A Scottish Terrier who is the official leader of the main band of dogs. He speaks with a strong Scottish accent.
  • No-Name: A lovable old Bloodhound obsessed with going home, never realizing that he had not had a true home, until Santa gave him one.
  • Pierre LeRond: The main antagonist of the movie who is ambitious about fame and fortune and kidnaps eight of the nine dogs to perform for his so called traveling circus
  • Tiny: The secondary antagonist who wants to use the nine dogs for working in a mine
  • Elves:
    • Buzz: A nearsighted elf who is the leader of all the other elves. Despite being gruff at all times, he always had his own motto about not giving up, which is "Stick to With-Ive".
    • Agnes Ann: A cheerful and resourceful elf who teams up with Buzz to find replacements for the sick reindeer. She may be a bit clumsy at all times, but she is always willing to do anything to save Christmas.


  • Randy Rice: Snowplow, Chester, Pierre LeRond and Tiny
  • Mitch Urban: Tank, Frenchie and No-Name
  • Jeanine DiTomasso: Q.T.
  • Keith Silverstein: Cheech
  • Tom Garner: Fetch and MacGregor
  • Scott Hamilton: Buzz
  • Russi Taylor: Agnes Ann

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