"Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly" is the eighth and final Christmas episode of the FOX sitcom Beverly Hills 90210, aired in the show's tenth and final season.


The Martins ask Gina to join them for Christmas. However, they refuse to allow her at their Christmas Eve party because they don't want to explain the situation to friends. Donna initially backs her parents, but skips the party to show Gina her support. She continually questions Noah about the car accident that killed his girlfriend. He finally breaks up with her, as he can't bear to relive the tragedy. Donna bonds with Gina. Steve and Janet run into her parents at a tree lot. She invites them to dinner, where they behave coldly toward Steve and make a hasty exit. He warns them to stay away from Madeline unless they are willing to accept her unconditionally. They show up at the house on Christmas night and give Steve and Janet their blessing. Dylan proves to be a bad influence on the children at the community center after he punches an angry neighbor. Matt asks Kelly to marry him. Dylan also expresses a desire to commit to her. She doesn't change herself this time; she accepts Matt's proposal.

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