Noel is a 1992 Christmas special about a Christmas ornament that brings joy to the lives of the families that possess it.


Noel, the Christmas Ornament


Noel is a little red glass Christmas ornament who was created with a tear of happiness from a glassblower in the 1930's. The tear of happiness gave him an attitude of perkiness and enthusiasm that his fellow ornaments, particularly an angel ornament named Miss Friezenda, did not share. The ornaments were bought by a family with three children, and were placed in a wise Christmas tree named Brutus. Noel in his cheery nature befriended Brutus, and enjoyed the company of the children. He also saw a stable placed under the tree, but wondered what was in it, which Brutus explained was the true meaning of Christmas. Noel especially enjoyed watching the joy and laughter the holiday season. However it eventually came to an end, and Noel was extremely disappointed to be placed back in the ornament box and never see Brutus again.

A year passed, and Christmas came again. Noel befriended this year's tree, a jolly three named Harold, although he still wondered what was in the stable under the tree. While Noel enjoyed this year's festivities, it came to an end again, and Noel retuned to the box, and Harold would never be seen again. As more Christmases came and went, Noel noticed the kids were looking more and more like adults each year. Eventually the kids grew up and moved out, and the elderly parents, decided not to buy a Christmas tree for Christmas anymore, much to Noel's extreme sadness. He fell into a deep sleep, for many years. During that time, the elderly parents died, the house was abandoned, and the ornaments were left forgotten about in the attic.

Many years later, in the 1990's, another family renovates and moves into the house. At Christmas time, they find the ornaments in the attic, but find them too old and chipped to use. However, they decide to use the now frail Noel anyway. Noel, while sad to say goodbye to the other ornaments, is happy to meet the new tree, Abraham, but in his now frail state, falls from the tree and shatters. However Noel's soul (in the form of the happiness tear) is still intact, and he can see inside the stable for the first time. He sees the infant Jesus and finally understands the true meaning of Christmas. Noel's happy soul, now free of it's glass case, becomes a red ball of happiness, and he leaves the house to spread Christmas cheer all over the world.



  • Charlton Heston: Narrator
  • Beau Berdahl: Noel
  • Tony Jay: Brutus
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