North Wind is the main villain of the Warner Bros.-produced animated television special A Miser Brothers' Christmas. He is the evil, narcissistic brother of Snow Miser and Heat Miser who wants to take over Christmas, and do all the work on his own.

In the special, he is first seen trying to sweet-talk Mother Nature into letting him take over if Santa was put out of commission. It was then North Wind decides to put Santa out of line in order to become in charge of Christmas and do all the work himself; he won't even bother firing the elves and driving the reindeer away. He first had his minions to take down Santa Claus by sabotaging his sleigh, causing him to throw his back out, then blames the brothers for the accident. However, he learns that the Miser borthers are putting aside their differences to ensure that the presents would still be delivered. Fearing that their reconciliation might be a threat to his plans, North Wind arranges his minions to set off pranks against his two brothers and make them look like each of them did it on the other, thus both Heat Miser and Snow Miser started fighting again, forcing Santa to deliver the presents himself, despite his back pain. Eventually, Mrs. Claus and the elves learned of North Wind's sabotage in Santa's sleigh that caused his back to go out, and they told this to the Miser brothers, who then realized that North Wind is trying to take over Christmas. He later tries to take down Santa during his flight, but is quickly beaten by the arriving Misers, who then transport him back to the North Pole. Despite being caught, North Wind taunts the Miser brothers that they have no authorirty over him, but the Miser brothers pointed out that only one person does have authority over him: Mother Nature. At that time, Mother Nature arrives, and angrily pinches North Wind on the ear, assuring everyone that she will subject him to doing household chores as punishment for trying to take down Santa and causing his brothers to fight again, much to North Wind's dismay. North Wind is last seen washing and drying so many dishes back at Mother Nature's house, numbering up to hundreds, something which he doesn't like as he watches the Miser brothers deliver the presents around the world.

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