Nothing Says Christmas Like A Pair of Socks is the song from A Very Minty Christmas and is sunged by Minty while she could be Santa for giving all of her socks to the ponies.


They can be plain or fancy
They can be short or long
The simple white kind
The glow-by-night kind
With socks you can't go wrong
A gift as good as candy
A big balloon or blocks
They always come in handy
And nothin' says Christmas
Like a pair of socks
When winter
Is turning your nose-y
A little bit froze-y
Socks'll make you feel
Who doesn't love to wear them?
No one at all, that's who
The sparkly red kind
The wear-to-bed kind
It's nice to have a few
(I know I do)
Some folks enjoy new mittens
Or a teddy bear that talks
Or a picture books of kittens
But nothin' says Christmas
Merry, Merry Christmas
Nothin' says Christmas
Like a pair of socks

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