Kuki Sanban, better known as Numbuh 3, is a character from the Cartoon Network original series Codename: Kids Next Door. She is a happy-go-lucky Japanese girl whose love for every creature often interferes with her responsibilities. She is a fan of Rainbow Monkeys, a stuffed monkey toy series, and irrationally defends her love for them, occasionally allowing her aggressive side to show. Her family name, Sanban, is Japanese for, of course, the number 3.

Numbuh 3 has a major role in the series' Christmas episode, "Operation: N.A.U.G.H.T.Y." Early on in the episode, she proudly states that she's just bought her present for her would-be crush, Numbuh 4, but is dismayed to learn that neither he nor their teammates have gotten her anything. When Santa's Elfa Strike Team suddenly confronts them, demanding they return the Reindeer system that they mistakenly believe Sector V has stolen, Kuki thinks they're referring to the Secret Santa Surprise Reindeer Monkey that she got for Numbuh 4 and refuses to give it up. When it becomes evident that Sector V was innocent, Numbuh 3 and her teammates accompany the Elfa Strike Squad to the North Pole to foil the Delightful Children From Down the Lane's plan to steal Christmas. But afterward, Kuki, furious that her friends didn't give her anything for Christmas, takes control of Santa's Reindeer machine and starts stealing presents from all the good children herself, in a manner imitating Jean Grey going mad with power in the X-Men story arc The Dark Phoenix Saga. Fortunately, Numbuh 4, taking a cue from Cyclops in the aforementioned comic, steps in to save her from herself by giving her a box of the French fries he was snacking on earlier.

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