"Nutcrackers" is the Christmas episode of Fuller House, aired in the show's second season.


Steve and C.J. arrive with C.J.'s daughter, Rose, and her pet rabbit, Jack, who is sick from indigestion as they want D.J. to take care of him. Max and Rose are immediately smitten with one another as both find out that they share a very similar love for dinosaurs among other things. In the kitchen, Jimmy tells Stephanie that he loves her, causing her to do her best to avoid him at "The Nutcracker" later that night. D.J. helps Stephanie realize that she has a fear of commitment since she has never stayed in a long-term relationship to protect herself from being hurt the way she was when their mother died. Stephanie finally gets over her fear and tells Jimmy that she loves him as well.

Lola finds out that the ballet is on the same night as her Christmas Eve party, so Kimmy gives Ramona the idea of staying there an hour before it. However, Fernando and Ramona get lost driving around in circles so Kimmy takes her place as the Mouse King and does several unscripted dances such as the Gibbler Gallop, Thriller, Hammer, and Conga. Ramona arrives and fills in as the Nutcracker (since Kimmy accidentally hit the previous one in the groin), helping to slay Kimmy twice and finish the ballet.

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