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"One Little Boy" is a song from The Stingiest Man in Town and its animated adaptation.


The Ghost of Christmas Present: One little boy is just a dot
In all the Human Race,
One little boy is just a spot
Upon the planet's space.
And when he is no longer there
A billion takes the place
Of One Little Boy.

Scrooge: But One little boy can sing a song
And have the world of fun,
One little boy can grow up strong
And leap and jump and run.
And you will watch to see him grow If he will be your sun
of One Little Boy.

The Ghost of Christmas Present: If he passes on after he is gone,
There's one less in the nation.
Let him rest in peace and he will decrease,
The surplus population.
That's what you thought not long ago.

Scrooge: That's what I thought but now I know.
One little boy who cannot walk Is not a broken toy,
One little boy can laugh and talk
And filled a home with joy.
And No one else who takes the place
Of that One Little Boy

That One Little Boy.

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