Opus T. Penguin is a character featured in the comic strips and children's books of Berkeley Breathed, most notably the popular 1980s strip Bloom County. He is a penguin from the Falkland Islands who was separated from his mother at a young age, and much of his personality is therefore enmeshed in his sense of abandonment and yearning for a mother figure. As one of the main characters in Breathed's work, he is also the main character of the Christmas special A Wish For Wings That Work (and the storybook it is based on).

The Christmas special focuses on Opus and his desire to fly like the ducks in the sky, but being a penguin, this is impossible for him to do. To make matters worse, a trio of ducks make fun of him for his lack of being able to fly. With help from Bill the Cat, Opus attempts to become an "aeronautic vigilante," but this fails. He writes a letter to Santa Claus asking to give him the ability to fly. On Christmas Eve, Opus ends up coming to Santa's rescue after his sleigh crash-lands in the middle of a duck pond, but he still does not get the wings that he wanted. However, on Christmas morning, all the ducks in Bloom County congratulate Opus for his brave deed by taking him flying through the air.


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