"Patch, Natch!" is the fifth song from Santa Claus: The Movie (1985).This, of course, is the bizarre tune sung as part of B.Z. Toys' controversial Patch Puce Pop commercial. That spot later serves as the launchpad, so to speak, for the Christmas II project:


Patch! Natch! Patch! Natch! 

Someone new has come to town. (Patch! Natch!

A magic clown with eyes of brown. (Patch! Natch!

Planned to be another Santa 

And to share ol' Santa's crown, 

He'll turn Christmas upside down --- 

Patch! Natch! 

He's got a brand-new candy, 

As dandy as can be. 

It's puce and juicy, as you see; 

He plans to make it free! 

Scratch ain't no way needed 

(Indeed, there ain't no catch!) 

Zero in on our new hero Patch! 

It's natch that 

He's the guy who's got it made! (Patch! Natch!

Lollipops in next year's shade! (Patch! Natch!

Our Patch Puce Pops are really tops! 

One quick lick down --- you're off the ground! 

Make Patch the man --- the man who can 

Sell Christmas Day a brand-new way....... 

Just attach yourself to our man Patch! 


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