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Pinkie Pie (short for Pinkamina Diane Pie) is a character from the My Little Pony toy line and related media. She is a happy earth pony who loves planning big parties and anything pink, and is always ready to help her friends and share true friendship with them.

In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, she is very talkative and a bit air-headed. She also enjoys singing and playing pranks, sometimes with Rainbow Dash's help, but - showing her considerate side - will not play any on Fluttershy due to that pony's sensitive nature. Her behavior is frequently random and chaotic at times and she has been known to break the fourth wall. She possesses the "Pinkie sense," an ability to predict events in the immediate future through twitches of various body parts. Pinkie works at Sugarcube Corner and lives on the bakery's second floor with Gummy, her pet toothless baby alligator. She writes and performs many songs, and she is the source of many of the comical and cartoonish gags in the show.

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