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Pinky is one of the two main characters from the Warner Bros. animated series Pinky and the Brain, spun off from Animaniacs. He is a dim-witted genetically-altered laboratory mouse who assists The Brain in his attempts at world domination, but he is sometimes the cause of why Brain's plans fail.

Appearances in Christmas specials


Pinky's first appearance in a Christmas production was a cameo in the first Animaniacs Christmas segment, "'Twas the Day Before Christmas". In that episode, Brain and Pinky, disguised respectively as Santa Claus and an elf, climb on top of the Warner Bros. Studio's water tower, planning to hijack the real Santa's sleigh for Brain's current world domination plan. Unfortunately for Brain, Pinky accidentally knocks him off of the tower, and then they are both crushed under the weight of the sleigh used by Ralph the Guard when he shows up to bring Yakko, Wakko and Dot's presents.

Pinky also made a very brief cameo in "The Twelve Days of Christmas", the first Animaniacs Christmas segment produced after the show moved from Fox Kids to Kids' WB! Here, he and Brain are shown as members of the orchestra providing the music to the Little Blue Bird's performance of the titular song.

Pinky and the Brain

After Pinky and the Brain became its own series, the characters starred in their own Christmas special, "A Pinky and the Brain Christmas". Throughout this Emmy-winning episode, Pinky is shown writing a letter to Santa Claus. He and Brain travel to Santa's workshop as part of Brain's current scheme, despite Pinky questioning if it's really a good idea for Brain to try to take over the world during Christmastime. During their time at the North Pole, Pinky wants to bring his own letter to Santa, but Brain continually tells him to forget about it. When the mice return to Acme Labs, Pinky finds that he was never able to give his letter to Santa and is absolutely heartbroken about it. Pinky then has to go set the power switch on when the meter on Brain's transmitter is full; during this, though, Brain takes a look at Pinky's letter and finds that all Pinky really wanted is for his best friend, the Brain, to be happy.

The last Christmas production to feature Pinky was "Yule Be Sorry", an episode of the infamous spin-off, Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. This episode opens with Pinky and Elmyra talking about their Christmas presents when Brain orders Pinky to come assist him on his current scheme, involving an Oxy-Absorber, which Brain has built a small working model of. Pinky tries to cheer Brain out of his misery, but Brain instead snaps at him, saying he'd be better off with him. When Brain tries to test out the Oxy-Absorber on Elmyra, Pinky accidentally uses it on him, knocking him unconscious. Pinky, along with Elmyra, is saddened when he thinks that Brain died from the accident. But Brain wakes up and, after seeing them crying for him, apologizes for his earlier outburst and lets Pinky go back to playing with Elmyra, because it is a bigger help to him than he thought it was.

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