Principal Hank Pankley is a animated dastardly villain and one of the two main antagonists (the other being Mr. Tinkerton) of The Legend of Frosty the Snowman

He is a school principal in Evergreen School, but as a jealous young child in the comic book (that Tommy Tinkerton had discovered), he captured Frosty's hat (unbeknownst to him, it belonged to Professor Hinkle) and locks it away.

However, years passed and Frosty's hat escapes, but he tricks Walter Wader and Frosty into some ice skating on the thin ice to recapture his hat once again and wants to take over Evergreen for Mayor Tinkerton to managed the both-crisis situation by making many lies about the children's imagination, the magic and even Frosty.

However, all of his greedy cruel plans had fail when Tommy and his friends restore Frosty again, showing their parents that he is real and magic does exist and Pankley (off-screen) has been fired as a principal for life.


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