Raggedy Ann and Andy in The Great Santa Claus Caper is a 1978 TV special. It was written and directed by Chuck Jones. It was followed in 1979 by the Halloween special Raggedy Ann and Andy in The Pumpkin Who Couldn't Smile.

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Raggedy Ann, Andy, and their dog, Arthur, travel with Santa's reindeer, Comet, to the North Pole to save Christmas. Comet tells them that Alexander Graham Wolf has taken over and is encasing all the toys in a plastic-like substance called Gloopstick with his so-called machine. He thinks this will prevent children from ruining their toys, but doesn't realize that it also prevents them from playing with them.


Voice actor Character
June Foray Raggedy Ann
Dawes Butler Raggedy Andy
Les Tremayne Alexander Graham Wolf
Santa Claus


  • "Raggedy Ann and Andy in: The Great Santa Claus Caper"
  • And introducing Raggedy Arthur
  • Production Designed by: Ray Aragon
  • Voices: Raggedy Ann and Comet · June Foray, Raggedy Andy · Dawes Butler, Alexander Graham Wolf and Santa Claus · Les Tremayne
  • Written, Produced and Directed by: Chuck Jones
  • Master Animators: Ben Washam, Virgil Ross, Phil Monroe, Ken Champin, Lloyd Vaughan, Irv Anderson, Manny Perez, Tom Ray
  • Music Composed and Conducted by: Dean Elliott
  • Backgrounds: Walt Peregoy
  • Key Animator: Marlene Robinson
  • Assistant Animators: Joe Roman, Carol Millican, Al Pabian, Bob Tyler, Jean Washam, Retta Davidson, Sammie Lanham
  • Editor: Sam Horta · Horta Editorial and Sound, Inc.
  • Camera: Animagraphics, Bemiller Camera
  • Ink & Paint: Celine Miles with Paulino García DeMingo, Sue Dalton, Colene Gonzales, Anna Lois Ray, Olaya Stephenson, Staci Maniskas
  • Graphics: Don Foster
  • Production Checker: Margie Roach
  • Assistant to the Producer: Marian Dern
  • ...and Don Arioli for Loving Help.
  • Associate Producer and Production Manager: Mary Roscoe
  • A Chuck Jones Enterprises Production
  • © 1978 Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc.
  • Color by Deluxe®

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