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Robbie is the son of Rudolph and an unknown doe, the boyfriend and eventual husband of Donner, the brother-in-law of Em and the main protagonist of the Robbie the Reindeer films.

Robbie the Reindeer

Hooves of Fire

Robbie arrives in the town of Coldchester in The North Pole in August to become navigator for Santa Claus's sleigh team. Upon arriving at the sleigh team's cabin Reindeer Lodge, he is greeted by the team's Captain Blitzen who introduces him to the rest of the team. Robbie then with a globe given to him by Donner, demonstrates his nose's tracking abilities before asking Blitzen what the team does for the other 364 days of the year to which he learns that they exercise, much to Robbie's dismay. When showing Robbie to his room, Donner asks him that if he's not into exercise, why is he here to which Robbie tells her that his father sent him to character build as he is easily distracted which is proven true when he notices Vixen and falls in love with her. Unbeknownst to Robbie, Blitzen dislikes him as he is jealous of Robbie's father and decides since he can't get him, he'll get Robbie instead.

A month later, Robbie struggles at the team's gym and Blitzen sees this as an opportunity to kick Robbie off the team and so gives him a cheeseburger, fries, a newspaper and a pipe. Later that day, Robbie goes to Donner for physio and talks to her about his love for Vixen, much to Donner's dismay as she has a crush on Robbie and ends the physio session by tying Robbie in knots. Sometime later, Robbie along with the rest of the team are invited to a party at Santa Claus's house where he shows off his new sleigh which has a talking ashtray, a stereo and a gps (which Blitzen added to stop Robbie from joining the team), seeing this Robbie thinks he's off the team, but Santa assures him by saying that Blitzen has come up with an idea about which reindeer to leave behind: The one that is most unfit. Seeing this as himself, Robbie returns to the cabin and looks at a painting of his father and is joined by Blitzen who tells him that he will be put on the team anyway because Santa liked his father and will kick off someone who trained all year and the sleigh will be slow and late and many children won't get their presents, but Robbie won't be blamed, his father will for having him. This causes Robbie to pack his bags and leave (to Blitzen's joy) and tries to get back home by foot only to end up being frozen in ice.

He is found by a group of elves who at first wish to eat him, but after seeing that he's alive they decide not to and end up employing Robbie. However, Robbie is not good at the jobs he is given and ends up being demonted to being a forklift. One day, Donner arrives at the elves factory to collect gym equipment and sees Robbie there and tells that there is a way to get back on the team: By winning at The Reindeer Games. Donner also tells Robbie about Blitzen's hatred for him and finds a coach in the area named Old Jingle to train Robbie for the games. After months of training, Robbie prepares to take part in the games' most important event, The Steeplechase where whilst there, he saves Santa's baby son from being crushed by a falling walrus. Vixen then tries to use Robbie's crush on her to stop him from taking part as she wants Blitzen to win so he gets famous and takes her out of "this dive", this fails as Robbie is now in love with Donner. Just before he can go to the start line, Robbie leaves after being told by the head elf that Old Jingle is trapped under his house.

Robbie is able to save him and returns to the race where his is neck-neck with Blitzen who knocks him down with a hurdle, but Robbie is able to catch up with him by using a technique taught to him by Old Jingle called The Nose Jump. It appears that the two reindeer cross the finish line at the same time, but in a photo taken it's shown that Blitzen crossed first, but his celebrations are short lived, when it is discovered that he took a drug before the games and is disqualified and arrested. Robbie is made winner by default and Santa gives Robbie the sleigh for the night which he uses to take Donner on a date to the moon.

Legend of the Lost Tribe

Three years later, the sleigh team are running a travel business called "North Pole Holidays" but it isn't doing well. Robbie gives a tour of the mountains to a group of tourists, but one tourist (a penguin) falls down the edge off the cliff, but Robbie is able to save him, but falls off the cliff in the process. Robbie is saved by what he thinks is a Viking but they leave before Robbie can thank them. He returns to Reindeer Lodge (which is being used as the office for the business) and goes to Donner and tells her about the Viking, but she tells him that Vikings haven't been around for hundreds of years. Robbie along with Donner and Prancer end up having to refund two other tourists (a koala and a kangaroo) who dislike the state of the chalets (which Robbie built badly) and that there was no snow to ski in. That night, the trio along with another team member named Tapir end up having to share a bath as they can't afford more water. The next day, Robbie goes to Old Jingle about the Viking, but like Donner, Old Jingle tells him that there are no Vikings and tells him that when he was younger, he used to trim Viking beards and that the Vikings killed each other after there were no lands left to concur or treasure to steal. Just then, the doorbell rings and Robbie thinks it's Vinkings but sees that it is Blitzen who has been let out of prison for good behaviour. Blitzen tells the team that he is sorry for what he did, but they don't believe him and throw him out twice. But when Blitzen tells them that he can save their holiday business, they let him stay.

Blitzen tells the team that they should built a luxury hotel just before a internet billionaire rabbit named Warren Hutch arrives and asks if there's a hotel he can stay at which makes the team start building the hotel straight away. After the hotel is built, Blitzen says they should hold a champagne reception for Warren and tells the team that there's champagne in the hotel's lobby. However, the moment the team go into the hotel, Blitzen presses a button which traps the team in the hotel. Robbie pleads with Blitzen to let them out, but Blitzen refuses as the team didn't get him out of prison and let him rot. Warren reveals that he is in league with Blitzen and reveals that he is a master of disguise named Long Eared Jack. Blitzen then reveals his plan to create a attraction called Blitzen's Reindeer World. That night, whilst Blitzen, Jack and their henchmen are busy planning on what to put in the attraction, Robbie, Donner and Prancer are able to escape and with Robbie's suggestion to go and look for Vikings to help them. One day whilst searching, Robbie and Donner have a disagreement about where to go unaware that Prancer is being pulled into the ground by Jack (who had been sent out by Blitzen to bring the trio back). Having had enough of Robbie not listing to her, Donner breaks up with him just seconds before she too is pulled into the ground by Jack who tries to get Robbie who uses the Nose Jump to get away but falls down a cliff in the process.

When Robbie wakes up he find himself surrounded by Vikings and tries to convince them to help him fight Blitzen, but they say they can't as they are in shame for hiding whilst the other Vikings fought each other. Just then Jack flies down via glider and captures Robbie. Back in Coldcester, Blitzen puts mind-control hats on the other reindeer which (turns them into robots and stops them from feeling pain) and uses them for Blitzen's Reindeer World. Robbie is hung over bear traps and hasn't got a hat on as Blitzen wants him to feel every moment of it. Robbie calls out to Blitzen to let the others go but Blitzen tells him to shut up and die. Luckily, the Vikings arrive and free Robbie who goes off to free the other reindeer but turns down Donner's offer to help him go after Blitzen as he believes it's too dangerous. Blitzen escapes by setting one of the attraction's carts into flight mode but Robbie catches up with him via a popcorn machine and the two reindeer battle.

Donner catches up with them and tells Robbie that they need to talk, but Robbie (who is being strangled by Blitzen) tells her not now, causing Donner to accuse him of not taking her from granted. This causes Blitzen to stop his and Robbie's fight and tells Donner that Robbie does love her it's just he forgets himself sometimes because he's an idiot before telling Robbie to let Donner know he needs her like asking her to marry him. Just as Robbie does that, Blitzen prepares to kill him, but Donner defends her fiancé and punches Blitzen so hard it sends him flying back to prison. The now engaged Robbie and Donner return to Coldcester and join the other reindeer and Vikings in holding a disco for the tourists.

Close Encounters of the Herd Kind

Set some amount of time after Legend of the Lost Tribe, on the night before their wedding, Robbie and Donner stargaze where Donner tells Robbie that she's not letting him have a stag night (as last time Robbie had one, the wedding had to be cancelled). After Donner leaves to have a manicure, a green crystal lands in Robbie's hands but he drops it as it is hot just before being knocked down by the impact of a large ball of fire and falls unconscious. He wakes up in his room the next day and prepares to get ready for the wedding and puts on a bow tie and puts the crystal on it unaware that he is being watched. Robbie's bow tie shoots out into goes into the hallway and catches it and meets Donner's sister Em (who's serving as bridesmaid) who threatens to pull every hair off Robbie's body if he does anything to hurt Donner. Just then, Donner comes out of her room in her wedding dress and is happy to see that Em made it, but goes back into her room after seeing Robbie as it's bad luck for the bride and groom to se each other before the wedding. Em then uses a mind eraser to make Robbie forget he saw Donner in her wedding dress and fixes his bow tie.

Later, Robbie along with Prancer (who's serving as best man) are in the cabin's living room (which is being used as the wedding venue) where Prancer notices that he has forgot the rings and distracts Robbie long enough to find them. Just then Donner (being led down the aisle by Em and Old Jingle) arrives and the Vicar starts reading out the vows. Robbie suddenly hears a voice telling him that he's in grave danger and that it's the end of the world, causing him to flee the cabin in panic. Later Robbie flees guilty about leaving Donner just as he hears a notice behind him and thinks it's Em, only to see it's an alien wearing a gold thought amplifier (which allows him to talk without moving his mouth). The alien introduces himself as Gariiiiiii and says that he is an Earth Guardian who protect Earth from outside interference. When Robbie asks him why he is here, Gariiiiiii says that he intercepted a craft belonging to an alien race called the Nargathrons who want to destroy Earth before telling Robbie that the crystal he has is The Nargathron Crystal which is the power source to their ultimate weapon. A dying Gariiiiiii tells Robbie to take the crystal and if the Nargathrons get it, it will be the end for Robbie and those he loves, before fading away and Robbie leaves with the crystal and the thought amplifier.

Later, Robbie meets with Prancer, Tapir and Old Jingle and learns from them that the Nargathrons have captured Donner and they have found Gariiiiiii's ship. Robbie gives Prancer the crystal and tells him, Tapir and Old Jingle to find a way to contact the Earth Guardians before flying away in the ship to get to the Nargathron's ship to rescue Donner. Gariiiiiii's spirt appears and tells Robbie about an instruction manual to control the ship. Just then, a hologram of Old Jingle appears and argues with Gariiiiiii over who should give Robbie advice, but both leave when an annoyed Robbie tells them that he's trying to read the instruction manual. Robbie presses a big red button and it sends the ship into space and arrives outside the Nargathrons ship. He is brought onboard and put in the same cell as Donner.

The Nargathron's leader Queen Vorkana demands the crystal, but Robbie claims to know nothing about it and says that if he did, he wouldn't tell her. But Vorkana hypnotises Robbie into drawing a picture of giving the crystal to Prancer. Afterwards, the crystal is teleported to the ship and Vorkana puts it the ship's computer and sets a countdown to destroy Earth. Whilst Vorkana is gone, Robbie uses the thought amplifier to trick a Nargathron trooper into freeing him and Donner before using him to knock Vorkana away when she returns. More troopers arrive and Donner uses part of her dress to knock them over. Robbie sends Donner back to Earth in Gariiiiiii's ship before trying to stop the countdown. Vorkana returns and attacks Robbie, but he uses the Nose Jump to get over to a control pad that teleports Vorkana to Earth. Robbie struggles to find a way to stop the countdown, just then an Earth Guardian appears on the ships screen warning to prepare for meltdown just before the Earth Guardians destroy the Nargathron ship, making everyone believe that Robbie is dead.

Back on Earth, the Vicar hears a voice telling him to continue with Robbie's vows just as Robbie arrives alive and well wearing the thought amplifier and floats down to the other using the part of the dress Donner used earlier to knock down the troopers and gives the thought amplifier to the Vicar. The Vicar pronounces Robbie and Donner husband and wife and the two reindeer kiss. Later, at the reception, Em comes over to Robbie who thinks she's going to give him another warning only for her to say that why he didn't tell her that he had such a hunky best man before going off to dance with Prancer (who had a crush on Em from the start). Robbie then hears Donner's voice in his head saying that now they are married, they should think about getting a place of their own. Robbie looks down and sees the Vicar holding the thought amplifier and Robbie asks how he did that, perhaps because of he and Donner being married.


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