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Santa's Family is a song that features in the 1998 film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie. It is sung by Santa Claus to Rudolph (after the young reindeer runs away from his school after been ridiculed by Arrow and the other students) and tells him that he treats everyone in their village like family.


I consider everyone
In my village
Every elf and reindeer
Part of my family

So listen up
And I'll fill your cup
With hope and harmony


Everybody's a somebody
In Santa's family tree
Everybody has a place
In my extended family

So don't look so glum my little reindeer chum
Everybody counts
In small and great amounts
In small and great amounts
In Santa's family

It takes more than muscle to pull a sleigh
You gotta rustle up a bit of courage, pup
Put your nose to the grindstone
And apply
A little faith it takes
To make a reindeer fly
And lift my sleigh up to the sky

And I know one day you'll do it
If you put your mind to it

Everybody's a somebody
In Santa's family tree
Everybody has a spot
In my extended family

Here's the secret potion
It takes devotion
You have it in your heart

You've got a great head start
And that makes you a part
Of my extended family tree

Consider yourself
In Santa's family


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