"Santa '85", or "One Amazing Night", is an episode of the anthology series Amazing Stories. It first aired on December 15 1985 on NBC.

Plot summary

Kris Kringle's Christmas is rudely interrupted when he lands in the clink with a bunch of bogus Santas after tripping a home burglar alarm, and his only hope of deliverance is the passionate belief of an eight-year-old boy (Damon).


Actor Character
Douglas Seale Santa Claus
Pat Hingle Sheriff Horace Smyvie
Gabriel Damon Bobby Mynes
Marvin J. McIntyre Deputy Weatherby
Frances Bay Mrs. Santa Claus
Stephen Lee Dad
Joan Welles Mam
Dick Balduzzi Drunk Santa #1
Gerry Gibson Drunk Santa #2
William McDonald Drunk Santa #3


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