"Secret Santa" is the Christmas episode of the Canadian cutout animation television series Angela Anaconda.


It's Christmas which is Angela Anaconda's favorite time of the year. Everyone seems to be happier and full of holiday spirit. Of course, the presents are greatly appreciated too! Every year the children of Tapwater Elementary engage in a Secret Santa gift exchange. Last year Angela and Gina were each other's Secret Santa and Angela hopes they will get to be so again. But the odds are against them. Angela and her archenemy, Nanette Manior, end up becoming each other's Secret Santa. Christmas is ruined! Angela tries desperately to get someone else to buy Nanette a present but not even Karlene or January, her cronies, want to do that task. Angela has a brainstorm. She will get Nanette toilet water, otherwise known as eau de toilette. She loves that stuff! Suddenly, Angela overhears her tell her clone club that she bought Angela a spectacular gift. Now Angela has no choice but to get her something great and French. The only question that remains is, will she appreciate it?


Voice actor Character
Sue Rose Angela Anaconda
Bryn McAuley Gina Lash

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