Lyrics by Nick Beggs; Music by Nick Beggs, Stuart Croxford, Neal Askew and Steve Askew

Published by Infinite Music and Intersong Communications USA

Produced by Ken Scott

Performed by KAJA

This next song is one of two which were included in the film to apparently attract the so-called younger generation. We briefly hear snippets of the second verse in the scene in which Joe (Christian Fitzpatrick) peeks into the window of a local McDonald's. Product placement aside, it should be noted that the scene is a visual attempt on the part of director Jeannot Szwarc to illustrate what remains a controversial, ongoing issue: the plight of America's homeless. And even if this tune hasn't exactly wowed listeners through the years, there arestill some of us here on the staff who think that Kaja's original recording has the proverbial great beat that one can boogie to (whether you're an elf or not!):

VERSE 1:  There is a time for ev'ryone,  But this ain't the time or the place.  When will you see whatcha doin' to me?  My tear-stains are easy to trace.  CHORUS:  Shouldn't do that, shouldn't do that now, baby [now, now, now] Shouldn't do that ---  Nobody ever told you not to do it!  Shouldn't do that, shouldn't do that now, darlin' [now, now] Shouldn't do that ---  Nobody ever told you not to ---  VERSE 2:  Some things ain't worth the worry 'less you  Fight for them hand-over-tooth.  You've got one helluva lesson comin',  'Cuz I'm gonna teach you the truth! Ah ---  REPEAT CHORUS  VERSE 3:  There is a time for most things, I mean,  Some things that are easy to see.  Some things are better forgotten;  Like, you sure made a fool out of me!  REPEAT CHORUS  REPEAT CHORUS TO FADEOUT

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