"Shrimps for a Day" is the second of two Christmas episodes of what would become The Little Rascals TV series.


The short opens at the Happyland Home Orphanage, where its owner Mr. Crutch is playing the role of Santa Claus in front of the kids during a Christmas party. The party is attended by the wealthy Mr. Wade, his daughter Mary and her boyfriend Dick. One of the youngsters finds a magic lamp and Mary, who envies the children their good fortune, wishes she could be a child again, Immediately her wish comes true, and she and her boyfriend shrink to child size. Mistaken for actual children, they are taken to the orphanage where they see Mr. Crutch take away the Christmas presents and force castor oil down their throats. Spanky helps Dick escape through a window and he gets the lamp and returns with it to the orphanage, where Mary uses the lamp to return to normal size and exposes Mr. Crutch to her bewildered father, Spanky then uses the lamp to shrink Mr. Crutch down to his size, and beats the pulp out of the old geezer.



This short film became part of the Little Rascals television package. The series name was changed for legal reasons, because Hal Roach had given up the right to buy back the name "Our Gang" from MGM when he bought back the rights to the shorts from them.

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