Sophiana is the protagonist in the direct-to-video animated film Christmas is Here Again.

She is a kind but crippled orphan girl. When wandered to the woods, she met Paul Rocco, one of Santa Claus's elves. She had never heard of Christmas or Santa due to Krad stealing Santa's sack way before Sophiana was born.

She brought Paul Rocco back to the North Pole. While there, Santa told Sophiana how Christmas was ruined by Krad 30 years previously. Paul Rocco explains to Sophiana that they can't make another sack, because the sack is not just a sack, it's the sack, for it was made out of Jesus' baby clothes when he was born, when Santa uses his sack and gives presents to children, it's to remind them the biggest Christmas gift of all, the birth of the newborn king.

Sophiana sets off to get Santa's sack back from Krad, with the help of Paul Rocco, Dart, the grandson of one of Santa's reindeers and Buster the fox and Charlee the polar bear. In the end, Sophiana gets adopted by Santa and Mrs. Claus.