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Susie Carmichael is a supporting character from the Nickelodeon animated series Rugrats, and one of the main characters in its spin-off, All Grown Up! She is an African-American girl who lives across the street from the Pickles' residence. She is a polar opposite to Tommy's cousin Angelica, and as such, she is always willing to support Tommy and his friends in their adventures, often taking a stand against Angelica. Later in the series and in the spin-off All Grown Up! (which takes place approximately ten years after the events of the original series), Susie develops a talent for singing.

Appearances in Christmas specials

All Grown Up!

Susie in AGU

Susie as a young teenager in "The Finster Who Stole Christmas".

Susie does not appear in either of the three Rugrats Christmas episodes (in fact, the first Rugrats Christmas episode, "The Santa Experience", was produced and aired before Susie's introductory episode, "Meet the Carmichaels"), but she does have a prominent role in the All Grown Up! holiday-themed episode "The Finster Who Stole Christmas". Early on in the episode, Susie mentions that she's going to sing a solo in the annual Unity And Faith Concert at the church her family attends. Later, when she hears about the Hillicki family's Christmas tree being stolen, Susie expresses disgust at that. At the end of the episode, Susie sings "The First Noel" at the church concert, and then introduces Tommy and Dil as they start singing their new Hanukkah song.

Other Christmas productions

A few years before "The Finster Who Stole Christmas" even aired, Susie notably made a few cameo appearances in the Merry Nickmas interstitial shorts. Her most prominent appearance in these segments was in "A Chuckie Finster Christmas, Channukah, Kwaanza, Winter Solstice", in which she is seen dancing along with the other Rugrats. At the end of the segment, she and the rest of the Rugrats wish happy holidays to Chuckie. She also appears as one of the citizens of Toonville in "How the You-Know-Who Stole You-Know-What!"

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