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El Chavo Animado-¡Qué Bonita Navidad! CAPITULO COMPLETO43:36

El Chavo Animado-¡Qué Bonita Navidad! CAPITULO COMPLETO

"That Nice Christmas!" is a Christmas-themed episode of the Mexican original series El Chavo Animado.


The whole neighborhood again have a Christmas season where they will live a wonderful adventure full of joy, surprises and lots of fun, but during the holiday season no ornaments to decorate in the vicinity. So Chavo needs money for a Christmas, but is lost in the street, and then about three vagrants who become friends, give some things in the ground, but all do not believe him because Chavo is a fraud and it leave the vicinity of their misunderstandings. At the end of the night when everyone wishes a Merry Christmas, the Three Stooges are fired from Chavo because he was the one who saved Christmas for his friends.

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