The 12 Dogs of Christmas is a Christmas movie released in 2005.


A girl who uses dogs to teach people about the true meaning of Christmas during the Depression.


Actor Character
Jordan-Claire Green Emma O'Conner
Tom Kemp Douglas O'Conner
Susan Wood Cathy Stevens
Adam Hicks Mike Stevens
Jim Jackman Melvin
Richard Riehle Mayor Nobel Doyle
Roland Pelletier Clerk-Sherriff
John Billingsley Dogcatcher Doyle
Cathy Worthington Woman in Furs
Bonita Friedericy Aunt Delores
Dorothy Brodesser Mabel
Michael Howard Old Jake Charles
Mindy Sterling Mrs. Walsh
Kapri Merrill Mrs. Clancy
Eric Lutes Coach Cullimore
Alisha Mullally Miranda
Travis T. Flory Denny Doyle
Carl Zurhorst Bully boy #1
Matthew McPherson Bully boy #2
Robert Chapman Editor
Alan Day Storekeeper
Jerry Walker Whitesides
Adam Lawson Hollow Cheek Man
William Clark Butcher
Heidi Webster Lucy Stark
Kevin Merritt Railroad Worker
Emma Kragen Salvation army caroler
Cynthia McDonnell Salvation army caroler
Chris Burns Salvation army caroler
Lawrence P. Bloom Townsperson
Monique Jeanine Lycette Town meeting speaker

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