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The cover to the VHS release

The Angel Doll is a 2002 Christmas movie directed and written by Alexander Johnston, based on the novel The Angel Doll: A Christmas Story by Jerry Bledsoe.


The story of two small town boys from different sides of the tracks: 1950s childhood and self redemption. Young "Whitey" Black (so called because of a tuft of blanched hair on the left side of his head) lives in poverty with his single mother and ailing 4-year-old sister, Sandy. Just across town, young Jerry Barlow lives the advantages of a middle class lifestyle with both parents and his younger brother. When mischief casts Whitey and Jerry into a shared paper route, Jerry quickly learns of Whitey's desire to buy Sandy an angel doll for Christmas. Even though no such dolls exist in their hometown, Whitey, Jerry, and a host of colorful characters set out in search of Sandy's gift. Along the way, reversals of fortune, theft, prejudice, and ultimately, the boys' friendship opens their eyes to the vastness of the small town around them.

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