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The Brain is one of the two main characters from the Warner Bros. animated series Pinky and the Brain, spun off from Animaniacs. He is a genetically-altered laboratory mouse who is always trying to take over the world, but his plans constantly fail. Much like Wile E. Coyote, though, he never gives up. Despite his scheming, self-centered and short-tempered personality, Brain does have a soft and tender side that is shown on certain occasions, such as the Christmas productions.

Appearances in Christmas specials



The Brain disguised as Santa in "'Twas the Day Before Christmas".

The Brain's first appearance in a Christmas production was a cameo in the first Animaniacs Christmas segment, "'Twas the Day Before Christmas". He and Pinky, disguised respectively as Santa Claus and an elf, climb on top of the Warner Bros. Studio's water tower, planning to hijack the real Santa's sleigh for Brain's current world domination plan. Unfortunately for Brain, Pinky accidentally knocks him off of the tower, and then, after he has climbed back up, he and Pinky are both crushed under the weight of the sleigh used by Ralph the Guard when he shows up to bring Yakko, Wakko and Dot's presents.

The Brain also made a very brief cameo in "The Twelve Days of Christmas", the first Animaniacs Christmas segment produced after the show moved from Fox Kids to Kids' WB! Here, he and Pinky are shown as members of the orchestra providing the music to the Little Blue Bird's performance of the titular song.

Pinky and the Brain

After Pinky and the Brain became its own series, the characters starred in their own Christmas special, "A Pinky and the Brain Christmas". In this Emmy-winning episode, Brain creates a doll in his likeness, called Noodle Noggin, which broadcasts hypnotic orders from him. Brain plans to have these Noodle Noggin dolls distributed into every home on Earth and then broadcast a hypnotic suggestion to everyone that he should be their ruler. He and Pinky travel to Santa Claus's workshop and apply for jobs in the mail room so that Brain can add Noodle Noggin dolls to everyone's wish lists, and then get the elves to mass-produce them. When he and Pinky make it back to Acme Labs, they accidentally wreck Brain's hypnotic transmitting equipment, but he manages to repair it in time for his planned broadcast. During this, however, Pinky finds that he was never able to deliver his own letter to Santa and is reduced to tears about it. Brain initially does not care about this, but after he reads the letter, which reads that all Pinky wanted was for his best friend to be happy, Brain breaks down sobbing, realizing how much of a jerk he had been to Pinky, and when it comes time to broadcast his hypnotic message, he commands everyone in the world to have a Merry Christmas, and afterwards destroys his broadcasting machine.

The last Christmas production to feature Brain was "Yule Be Sorry", an episode of the infamous spin-off, Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. In this episode, Brain is unhappy about all the suffering he has endured ever since he and Pinky went on the run from Wally Faust and ended up becoming Elmyra Duff's pets, and he takes out his anger on Pinky, saying he'd be better off without him. Brain then plans to test out his Oxy-Absorber on Elmyra, but then Pinky accidentally uses it on him, knocking him unconscious. Brain then has a nightmare where he is living in a new lab without Pinky, but Elmyra shows up to torture him there, because she has no one else to play with. Upon waking up, Brain apologizes for his earlier outburst, admitting to Pinky that even if he did take over the world, he wouldn't want to do it without his best friend.

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