"The Draft Dodger" is the third Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom All in the Family, aired in the show's seventh season.


The clash of two worlds explodes in this episode. Mike's friend is a Draft Dodger and he has come down from Canada for a visit and joins the Bunkers for Christmas dinner, unbeknownst to Archie. He is exactly everything Archie hates about Mike's generation. On top of this, Archie's joker friend is also having Christmas dinner with the Bunkers and he lost his son in the war.

The expected dust-up between Mike's friend and Archie's is averted entirely when Archie's friend expresses sympathy for Mike's friend. Instead of anger, he expresses some guilt over compelling his son to go to war when he had doubts just like this young man. In his son's memory, he asks Mike's friend to stay and enjoy Christmas dinner with them all.

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