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The Fat Albert Christmas Special is a 1977 Christmas special based on the Bill Cosby animated TV series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.


SPOILER: Plot details or story follow.

Fat Albert and his friends are rehearsing in their junkyard clubhouse for a Christmas pageant that they want to put on for their families. The junkyard's owner, "Old Tightwad" Tyrone shows up and threatens to kick them all out by midnight so he can bulldoze their clubhouse to the ground. After he leaves, the guys are worried about losing their favorite hangout spot, when a little boy named Marshall knocks on the door, looking for help. His parents are in big trouble. They came to town so his dad Ray could get a job, but it fell through, so they are homeless, and his mom Marge is pregnant and having labor pains. The guys try to help them. They are turned away from the nearby hospital because they have no insurance, and are told to go the city hospital as a charity case, but it's too far away.

Fat Albert strikes a deal with Tyrone to save the clubhouse. He works at Tyrone's store, giving away small gifts to entice customers to come in and shop. Things are going very well, until his friends show up, and think he's become a traitor. When he explains the deal, they all begin to grab for free gifts, angering Tyrone, who kicks them all out and says the clubhouse will come down anyway. Mudfoot Brown arrives to give Tyrone what-for, and Tyrone admits to him and Fat Albert that since his wife Martha died, he's been lonely and miserable. Mudfoot warns him that he needs to change his ways.

In the ruckus, little Marshall slips away unnoticed. He heads back to the clubhouse, where he overhears Ray say in discouragement that he doesn't know how he will ever be able to take care of everyone. Marshall decides to run away to spare his dad the trouble. When they realize he's missing, the guys search everywhere for him. Marge is ready to have the baby, so they also get Doc Brown to come to the clubhouse. The guys have to save Marshall from falling into the icy river when he tries to get away from them, but he still runs away again afterward.

They go back to the clubhouse where they find the baby has come, and then Tyrone himself shows up, with Marshall. Russell begs him not to throw the family out in the snow, but Tyrone tells them all he's had a change of heart. He will try to help Ray find a job, and take the family to a good hospital. He also will not tear down the guys' clubhouse.

Spoilers end here.

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