The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus is a direct-to-video Christmas movie based on the storybook of the same name by L. Frank Baum, released by Universal Home Video in 2000. It is noted as being a faithful adaptation of the original story.


Voice actor Character
Robby Benson Young Santa Claus
Jim Cummings Santa Claus
Additional voices
Dixie Carter Necile
Hal Habrook Ak, Master Woosdman of the World
Carlos Alazraqui Wisk
Wil Knook
Mary Kay Bergman Martha
Melissa Disney Gardenia
Village girl
Jess Harnell Wagif Knook
Bo, Master Mariner of the World
Additional voices
Nick Jameson Peter Knook
Maurice LaMarche Mogorb
Lord of Lerd
Additional voices
Brianne Siddall Ethan the Cripple
Cynthia Songé Sheigra
Kath Soucie Natalie, Princess of Lerd
Little Mayrie
Sylvie Boyer
Roger Freeland
Gary Lamb
Margie Nelson

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