The Little Rascals' Christmas Special is an animated television special based on the Our Gang shorts, written by Romeo Muller (best known as the writer of many Rankin-Bass holiday specials) and directed by Charles Swenson and Fred Wolf. It premiered on NBC on December 3, 1979.


The Little Rascals celebrate Christmas. While "Our Gang" attempts to raise enough money to buy a winter coat for Spanky's mom, Mom spends all of the money on a gift for the boys.


  • The original Little Rascals' Darla, Darla Hood, provided the voice for Spanky's and Porky's Mom in this special. This would notably be her last role; she died in 1979, the year it was released.
  • The original Stymie, Matthew Beard, provided the voice of the butcher.

Cast (voices)

Voice actor Character
Philip Tanzini Spanky
Jim Gatherum Alfalfa
Randi Kiger Darla
Al Fann Stymie
Robby Kiger Porky
Jack Stomack Santa Claus
Darla Hood Spanky's & Porky's Mom
Matthew Beard Butcher

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