The Little Reindeer is a 2004 British-French animated holiday special based on the book of the same name by Michael Foreman. It is produced by the French animation studios Millimages.


Santa Claus' little reindeer accidentally gets wrapped up like a gift and falls off the sled. He gets delivered to a little boy who sees in him a very special gift.

The boy builds the reindeer a shed on his roof, and they soon become best friends! During a whole year, they are going to live beautiful adventures together.

But as Christmas approaches, the little reindeer can't help looking up at the sky, the little boy understands his friend has to leave. The boy knows that the reindeer belongs to Santa, thanking him for finding his lost reindeer.


Note: Santa Claus is the only character to speak. All others are silent and have no speaking roles.



The Little Reindeer - Christmas Special for kids24:07

The Little Reindeer - Christmas Special for kids

Official upload by Millimages

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