The No-L 9 is a special one-hour Christmas-themed episode of the Canadian animated series Atomic Betty.


SPOILER: Plot details or story follow.

It's Chrismas time all over the galaxy and everyone is together with their families, Sparky is with his Mom, X-5 is with his Uncle B-1, and Betty is with her Grandma who misses her husbend who was lost on Chrismas 30 years ago. When Maximus starts shrinking planets so he can keep them for himself, Betty is called on duty with Admiral DeGill and some girls along for the ride, then Betty goes and picks up Sparky who's mom comes along for the ride and X-5 who's Uncle B-1 also comes along. Betty and the others go on a search to save the No-L-9 which are a bunch of singing planets and when Betty arrives, she meets and old man on the planet who unknowing to her is also her Grandpa. Betty and everyone abord the ship save the day and Betty and her Grandpa return to Earth for a touching family reunion.

Spoilers end here.


Voice actor Character
Tajja lsen Betty Barrett
Rick Miller Sparky
Bruce Hunter X-5
Adrian Truss Admiral DeGill
Colin Fox Maximus I.Q.
Len Carlson Minimus P.U.
Jayne Eastwood Beatrixo
William Shatner Jimmy
Kristina Nicoll Betty's Mom
Patrick McKenna Betty's Dad
Catherine Disher Penelope Lang
Alexandra Lai Paloma
Dwayne Hill Principal Peterson
Kristina Nicoll Zulia
Jonathan Wilson Infantor
Don Francks Maximus Sr.
Jamie Watson Captain Chuck

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