The Nutcracker is the protagonist of The Nutcracker, a book written by E.T.A. Hoffman and ballet written by Pytor IIytch Tchaikovsky.



Picture Performer Feature Year Notes
The Nutcracker (with English subtitles).Part 3. .
The Nutcracker 1973
Char 52446
The Care Bears Nutcracker Suite 1988
Mickey Mouse (voiced by Wayne Allwine) "The Nutcracker" 1999
King Jerry - Nutcracker
Jerry Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale 2007
Nutcracker Daniel
Daniel Tiger "Neighborhood Nutcracker" 2014

Nutcracker Forms

In the original version, the Nutcracker gets turned into one by the Mouse Queen for breaking the spell on the princess to make her ugly by cracking a hard nut, but in different adaptions, he has been turned into one by different ways

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