"Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure" is the third Christmas episode of Thomas & Friends. Michael Angelis narrates it.


Thomas is looking forward to delivering his mail to the people of the mountain village, but when Sodor is struck by a snowstorm the mountain village is snowed under. Thomas is summoned to help and Percy takes the mail for him. On the way there, however, a fogman stops him and sends him to get help. Percy tells Harold as Thomas arrives with Terence and asks Percy to tag along to help with the rescue. Harold drops hot drinks and food for the villages, and Terence clears the streets. As a token of gratitude for their hard work, the villagers make a surprise. When the engines wake up they see the shed decorated with new paint and Christmas decorations and agree that it is the best Christmas ever.


  • This was the final Christmas episode until "It's Only Snow" in the show's sixth season, and also the show's last Christmas season finale until "Henry's Magic Box" in the fourteenth season.
  • The celebrated holiday was changed to Thanksgiving in the US mostly for the Shining Time Station episode Billy's Party, omitting a 15 second reference to Santa Claus, which is unrealistic as Sodor is a British island. When the original 5 minute cut is presented with the US narration, it becomes out of sync with the picture and music towards the end.


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