To Grandmother's House We Go is a 1992 made-for-TV movie. It was directed by Jeff Franklin and stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.


Twin girls Sarah and Julie are two naughty but sweet children that drive their work-obsessed single mother, Rhonda, up the wall. They overhear her saying that they are a "handful" and she needs a "break". They decide to go to their grandmother's house for Christmas so they pack up their bags and hop on their bicycles. But there's a problem; they aren't allowed to cross the street on their own. That's when the city bus pulls up and they sneak on through the back door. While riding the bus, an elderly lady tells them that it only goes Downtown, Uptown, and back. They also discover that Edgemont (where their grandmother lives) is actually hours away. After getting off Downtown, they spot Eddie (a delivery man who has a crush on Rhonda) and his truck. They sneak into its back and only reveal themselves to him because Sarah desperately has to go to the bathroom. He does not like kids, but eventually starts to enjoy their company after he figures out that he gets large tips when they deliver packages with him. He evens buys them ice cream, as well as a lottery ticket with the numbers of their birthdate (6-13-19-87). After the day's deliveries are finished, he brings them home, only to be attacked by two robbers who steal his truck (with the girls still inside). When the robbers, Harvey and Shirley, discover them, they decide they can make some money by kidnapping them for ransom. Shirley makes a phone call to Rhonda, asking for $10,000 in cash. She tells her that they will make the trade at the ice rink in Edgemont, and that she is to wear a red hat. Meanwhile, Harvey has begun to like them and when he asks Shirley why they never had kids, she replies that it's because they are criminals. Sarah and Julie eventually get to their grandmother's house and then Eddie and Rhonda get together after he saves them. He wins a lot of money on a TV show and everybody is happy spending Christmas together.

Home video releases


Actor Character
Mary-Kate Olsen Sarah Thompson
Ashley Olsen Julie Thompson
Cynthia Geary Rhonda Thompson
J. Eddie Peck Eddie Popko
Jerry Van Dyke Harvey
Rhea Perlman Shirley

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