Top Gear Bolivia Special is the 2009 Christmas special of Top Gear. In this special, Jeremy, James and Richard are tasked with travelling 1000 miles through South America from the Amazon rainforests of Bolivia to the Pacific coast of Chile, using second hand off-road vehicles for less than £3500 each.


The three presenters started at a riverside in the Amazon jungle, dropped off by a boat (the presenters were supposed to be helicoptered in to the location but Jeremy Clarkson said that the helicopter had crashed before filming, necessitating a boat trip up the river). After Clarkson remarked on Richard Hammond's clothing and Hammond made fun of James May's clothing, all three men revealed their phobias; Hammond is terrified of insects, May is scared of heights and Clarkson is afraid of manual labour (something May says is just bone idleness). After doing nothing for a long time a raft finally arrives with their cars on board, with the driver of the boat bringing it to them parked vaguely near the bank. All three, after boarding the raft, remarked on the vehicles they had bought: Clarkson had bought a Range Rover Classic, May had a Suzuki SJ413 and Hammond had a Toyota Land Cruiser.

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