Twice Upon A Christmas is a 2001 made-for-TV movie, and the sequel to Once Upon a Christmas. Like its predecessor, it was directed by Tibor Takács.


Santa's evil older daughter Rudolfa (named after the reindeer) is poised to take over the family business. But she intends to sell off the North Pole piece by piece and end Christmas. Her younger sister Kristen (who left the North Pole), was given amnesia by Santa so that she could live a normal life. She has been trying to remember her past, and is needed to stop Rudolfa from succeeding in her nefarious plan.


  • Kathy Ireland: Kristen Claus
  • Mary Donnelly-Haskell: Rudolfa Claus
  • Matthew Walker: Santa Claus
  • John Dye: Bill Morgan
  • James Kirk: Kyle Morgan
  • Kirsten Prout: Brittany Morgan
  • Wayne Thomas Yorke: Uncle Johnny
  • Rebecca Toolan: Mrs. Claus
  • Rachelle Carson: Harley Jones

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