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LadyCW April 13, 2016 User blog:LadyCW

I am doing a project and I need some information on, I think, are the types of Christmas specials.

So from what I have seen, it seems that there are 4 different types of Christmas specials; 1: the first one would be based either on or loosely based on the original story of Christmas; (i.e. Angel Wings, The Little Drummer Boy, etc) 2: The second would be based on the celebration of Christmas; 3; The third would be mostly about Santa Claus, but could include other characters who lives with Santa Claus or in the North Pole; 4; and finally the fourth one would be winter tales that could fit with the other Christmas stories.

So am I right in the types of Christmas specials, or are there more or less then this, please reply to this post to confirm what I think is true. Thanks.

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