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  • ScroogeChristmas

    Today is December 26. Yesterday I has a wonderful Christmas. Today, I'm happy but I miss the celebration. 

    I do not know if any of you has ever happened once, remembering Christmas and wating for other December 25. I feel this way right now.

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  • ScroogeChristmas

    As I told in my description, 'A Christmas Carol' is my favorite book. But I'm gonna tell you why this awesome book is my favourite. Just a few words:

    'A Christmas Carol' is a magical book. In it, Dickens tell why is good be good on Christmas, and is a very very very important message. Also, he writes about the real spirit of the Christmas: give and share with family and friends.

    That's the reason why 'A Christmas Carol' is a beautiful book for me. You have to read it. If you like it, well. If you don't like it WELL TOO!

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