Here is a quiz on the Recess movie Recess Christmas Miracle on Third Street. Can you put the answers to these questions in the comments below? How well do you know the Recess Christmas movie? Let's see...

  1. In the beginning, the narrator said that the morning of the 3rd Street School Christmas Pageant was a barmy __ degrees. What is the blank? Hint: It's a number.
  2. What episode does this special movie take place after?
  3. The movie's title references a classic Christmas film. What is it?
  4. Who had offered to drive Miss Grotke and Ms Finster home?
  5. Who did Prickly and Finster think were bad kids?
  6. When Miss Grotke referenced some good things TJ had did, she referenced 2 episodes of the TV show. Can you name the 2 episodes she referenced?
  7. What caused Prickly's car to skid off the road and get stuck in a snowdrift?
  8. What did Miss Grotke believe that caused the accident mentioned in the last question?
  9. Who did Prickly and Finster think got them stuck?
  10. Ms Finster told Miss Grotke about the time she looked after Spinelli for the weekend [the episode 'Weekend at Muriel's], but what did Finster make Grotke promise not to do?
  11. What did Pricky and Finster start crying about?
  12. Who rescued Prickly, Finster, and Grotke from the snowdrift?
  13. Miss Grotke said Joyeux Noel to TJ and his friends. What does this mean in english?
  14. What Christmas carol did the Recess Gang sing at the end of the film?
  15. What were the 4 Recess episodes in the special?
  16. there was a bit of an episode in the episode 'Yes Mikey, Santa Does Shave'. What was it?

write the answers in the comments below, and I'll reply the score to you. 

Shrekyardigans (talk) 14:31, February 7, 2015 (UTC)

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