"Victoria's Secret Santa" is the second Christmas episode of the NBC sitcom Veronica's Closet, aired in the show's second season.


Veronica goes Christmas shopping and gives herself the gift that keeps on giving: a whole night of sex with a department store Santa. If he didn't know when she's been naughty before, he probably does now. She loses the Christmas spirit in a hurry after finding out that he is Hunter. She returns to the store to make sure he doesn't breathe a word of what happened to Alec and things culminate with them having sex again. Alec finds out anyway and uses the opportunity to laugh at Veronica. Tina leaves Leo a message, but he accidently deletes it before he can listen to it. Josh is able to secretly restore it and hears the news: Tina called to say she's marrying another man. Leo feels the time has come to let Tina go and Josh decides it's best not to let Leo know what it was she said.

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