"What Does He Want?" is a song written for Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation! It is sung by Candace Flynn as she tries to figure out what her boyfriend Jeremy Johnson wants for Christmas, while worrying that he won't like her as much anymore if her gift for him isn't perfect. As Candace sings the song, she is accompanied by her friends Stacy and Jenny as backup singers. The song was cut for time in the finished special, but it was released on the album Phineas and Ferb Holiday Favorites. The song was later reinstated in an extended version of the special, broadcast on the Disney Channel and Disney XD in subsequent years, but oddly does not appear on the special's DVD release.


What kind of present does he dream about
A leather wallet or a singing trout
What I should get him is a mystery
And if it's lame, will he still want me?

What does he want?
A DVD or some video games
What does he want?
Or maybe one of those new digital frames
What does he want?
Something to fit his personality
What does he want?
The perfect present is eluding me

My friends all tell me that I shouldn't obsess
But how can I avoid the stress?
I need to know, but right now all I can do is guess

What does he want?
A fancy cell phone or a tube of grout
What does he want?
I don't know, but I'll figure it out
What does he want?
Rear-view mirror glasses as seen on TV
What does he want?
I only wish I knew what he got me...
'Cause I hear it's perfect.
What does he want?

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