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"White Christmas" is the fifth and final Christmas episode of the NBC sitcom A Different World, aired in the show's sixth and final season.


Freddie's free spirited mother, Joni, visits and annoys her by spending of all her time counseling Freddie's friends. She exposes the bitterness that Kim is harboring over Freddie's relationship with Ron. Joni's appearance leaves Freddie confused about her life and stirs old feelings in Shazza. Ron spies him kissing Freddie outside the Pit. Whitley takes a job at the International Cottage of Flapjacks to earn money for Dwayne's Christmas present. She finds herself completely overwhelmed and gets no help from the lazy owner's daughter. Freddie confronts Joni at ICOF and demands advice. Joni explains she lets Freddie make her own choices because she does not want to follow in the footstep of her own mother, who condemned her for having an interracial relationship. Ron appears and asks Freddie to make up her mind. She runs into his arms as Whitley loudly launches into "Joy to the World". She gets fired on her first day by Dwayne consoles her with a puppy.

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