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"Why Can't the Animals Smile?" is a song featured in the 1968 Rankin/Bass Christmas special The Little Drummer Boy.


You never heard a lion laugh,
You never saw a gator grin.
A goose in a gaggle never gives a giggle,
Why can't the animals smile?
You never saw a smiling frog,
A tickled lamb; a happy hog.
A light hearted camel,
A merry old mammal,
Why can't the animals smile?
A barrel of monkeys,
A pack of silly donkeys,
An elephant, a caribou.
Have never been heard,
To chuckle a word,
Or twitter like people do.
You never heard a mouse guffaw,
A crow that did much more than caw.
Is an eagle, too regal?
Or is it all illegal?
Why can't the animals smile?
Why can't the animals smile?

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