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"You... You" is a song from Scrooge. Ebenezer Scrooge sings this song when he laments over losing Isabel.


Scrooge: You...
You were new to me

Young Ebenezer: You...
You were Spring
You were true to me

Scrooge: You...
You were everything

Young Ebenezer: You...
You were good for me

Scrooge: You were my day

Young Ebenezer: Did all you could for me

Scrooge: I let you go away
And now I can see
Now you're a dream gone by

Scrooge and Young Ebenezer: Oh how could there be
Such a fool as I

Young Ebenezer: I who must travel on
What hope for me?

Scrooge: Dream where my past has gone
Live with a memory

Young Ebenezer: You...
My only hope

Scrooge: You...
My only love

Scrooge and Young Ebenezer: You...

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