"You... You" is an emotional song from "Scrooge" sung by Ebenezer Scrooge when he laments over losing Isabel.


Scrooge  You...  You were new to me 

Young Ebenezer  You...  You were Spring  You...  You were true to me 

Scrooge  You...  You were everything 

Young Ebenezer  You...  You were good for me 

Scrooge  You were my day 

Young Ebenezer  Did all you could for me 

Scrooge  I let you go away  And now I can see  Now you're a dream gone by 

Scrooge and Young Ebenezer  Oh how could there be  Such a fool as I 

Young Ebenezer  I who must travel on  What hope for me? 

Scrooge  Dream where my past has gone  Live with a memory 

Young Ebenezer  You...  My only hope 

Scrooge  You...  My only love 

Scrooge and Young Ebenezer  You...  You...  You... 


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