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Yule Be Wiggling was a Wiggles Christmas video released in 2001. It's the second Christmas video, after Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas.

Featured songs

  1. Doing a Dance
  2. We Just Can't Wait For Christmas Day
  3. Here Come the Reindeer
  4. And the World is One on a Christmas Morning
  5. Murray's Christmas Samba
  6. Jimmy The Elf
  7. Curoo, Curoo (Song of the Birds)
  8. Christmas Around the World
  9. [[Wags He Loves to Shake Shake]
  10. Angels We Have Heard From High
  11. Christmas Polka
  12. Decorate the Tree
  13. A Scottish Christmas
  14. Come on Everybody, We'll Tap For You
  15. Yule Be Wiggling (song)

CD Songs


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